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Memorial Design and Construction

Since 1865, we've been applying our skills in crafting stone. It has been a family business that has improved upon the techniques as time moves forward.  Today, no competitor can match our quality.  We have craftsmen who have been with us for over 35 years, combining the best of old world hand-carving with the latest technologies.


 However,  technique is nothing without passion.  One of Our specialties is actualizing the thoughts of our customers and of our own,  through painstaking illustrations,  then through exacting carving and etching.  We labor daily to take granite and turn it into a time capsule that reflects the life of an individual.


There are many reasons why you can entrust Twin City Monument Works to create not only that special monument for your loved one,  but also to create a positive experience that you'll be able to reflect on with satisfaction.


We are experts in our industry.


Our family business has been handcrafting unique monuments for many years.  (Many other monument companies use a production line mentality that sacrifices quality)  We know how to combine old world craftsmanship and modern new technology.  The ultimate value in our services comes from our ability to portray your story in stone.


 Here are a few more reasons why our customers choose to do business with Twin City Monument Works:


It's more than just a business for us. It's our passion.  This means we take great care to create a meaningful

memorial, not just a grave marker.


We are price competitive anywhere in the U.S. because of Twin City Monument Works ability to buy the raw materials on the world market directly, at a low price without using a middle man.


You're working with industry professionals; you have direct input into the design our artistsand craftspeople create for

you. We not only create beautiful custom designs, but we also carve them with skills our family has

acquired over the years.


We offer a large selection of memorial grade granites.

We provide complimentary telephone consultation.

We offer complimentary initial design presentations.


We offer creative,  professional design and installation for many types of memorials and monuments. Contact us for insight from an experienced,  knowledgeable and caring perspective.





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